Traditional Customs Advisory

Our unrivalled industry experience is extensive and extends to the following sectors and beyond:

We also offer traditional Customs style advisory services such as: 

Harmonised Tariff System
Harmonised Tariff System (HTS) product classification expertise on a global basis

Customs Valuation specialisation,
Customs Valuation specialisation, based on WCO Valuation principles and domestic legislation, particularly with the Automotive sector, we have profound experience, globally

Industry concessional schemes
Tariff Concessions
Industry concessional schemes (i.e. Tradex, Inputs to Manufacture, By-Laws (i.e. Warranty & Offshore processing), Robot Concessions, $1,000 Self-Assessed Clearances (SAC’s), etc

Anti-Dumping & Countervailing
Anti-Dumping and Countervailing consultancy/representation

Customs dispute resolution
Customs dispute resolution

Export Controls
Export Controls

Customs Reviews-Audits
Customs Reviews-Audits

Free Trade Agreements
Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) and Origin Issues

Fuel Tax Credits
Fuel Tax Credits (FTC’s)

Government Grants
Government Grants (State and Federal)

GST Consultancy
GST Consultancy, barrier and non-barrier related