Wayne Schweben (Sydney)


Lead Supply Chain Security Director

Email: wayne.schwebel@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 402 011 204

Wayne Schwebel is very highly regarded in the logistics consulting field.  He developed his wealth of experience over the last 30 years in design, project management and advisory roles.  Wayne joined Hendersons in 1987 and was soon appointed to the position of head consultant and a director of the firm.  He is now Principal Consultant and Director of Henderson Logistics Pty. Ltd.

Wayne is a project leader and has controlled tasks relating to all aspects of supply chain management for most industry sectors. These include food, pharmaceutical, building materials, rural, mining, apparel, automotive and many others. All key functions have been addressed in these exercises.  Issues to be resolved have comprised facility design layouts, handling systems, procedures/productivity and best utilisation of resources.  Other tasks have investigated transport strategies, best practices and outsourcing of distribution services.

Wayne is skilled in assessment of potential for application of EDI, barcoding, RF and automated handling systems.  This includes the design and implementation of upgraded warehouse management systems to gain significant productivity improvement in order selection and warehouse processes.

Before joining Hendersons, Wayne spent many years with Dexion and Colby, the significant supply and fitout organisations for storage and handling systems.  He is a current member of the Logistics Association of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree plus Mechanical Engineering Certificate.