Tom Curtis (Brisbane)

Lead Compliance Directors (LCD’s)

Lead Compliance Director


Mobile: +61 478 888 906


Tom’s career commenced with the Australian Customs Service in Melbourne and he has subsequently and successfully traversed various private sector roles, including over 10 years with Coles Head Office as a Customs & International Trade specialist, having extensive involvement in the original Pilot Program of the Accredited Client Program in 2007-2008.

Since then, whilst at Origin Energy, Tom has also been the Chair and responsible for creating the only Corporate Advisory group in Australia, together with Russell Wilkinson, that is closely connected with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This group was created by Tom and Russell to ensure that the current Australian Trusted Trader program had sufficient corporate support and impetus to enable implementation, rather than failing like the previous ACP.      

In essence, Tom is a supply chain and logistics professional with deep experience across a broad range of international trade.  He aims to bring the skills learned throughout a varied journey and apply them to a client’s dynamic opportunities and challenges. 

Most recently Tom was responsible for leading and implementing transformational change for a leading energy company: creating a supply chain team to successfully deliver a megaproject. 

This entailed project managing every logistics aspect from strategy development to executing distribution plans, from negotiating supply & logistics contracts to designing supply chain security models.  It also required dealing with regulators around the globe to manage tariff, valuation, concessions/licenses and maintain a smooth, compliant and uninterrupted flow of goods.  This naturally necessitated finding solutions to myriad issues associated with cross border trade and involving multiple supply chain partners.

A recognised international trade expert, Tom’s experience includes consulting across a range of sectors including retail, manufacturing, automotive, heavy equipment, consumer goods, agricultural products and resources.  He has dealt with SMEs, MNCs, and government agencies.  With a background in compliance auditing Tom knows the ropes when it comes to making sure there are no unwanted surprises.

Toms association with TTI brings a unique opportunity for clients to harness his wealth of experience in supply chain and international trade matters.  His breadth of expertise transcends the three dimensions necessary to clarify the critical path in supply chain compliance:

  1.  Understanding the value at stake and what drives it in a quantitative, analytic way.
  2. Provide support for key decisions using management information – once the analytics are in place, identify the key decisions and how to frame them to enable stakeholders to make it happen.
  3. Communication and change management capability – developing ways to get people to collaborate and energized to deliver the vision.

Tom specialises in supply chain design to align client needs with regulatory requirements.  He has a particular focus on supply chain security and compliance.