Ian Tinsley (Melbourne)

Lead Compliance Directors (LCD’s)

Lead Compliance Director

Email: ian.tinsley@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 409 804 646

Ian is the CEO of successful customs and trade law consultancy I. McR Tinsley & Partners Pty Ltd which he formed in 1983.

Earlier in his career Ian trained as an industrial electronics technician prior to being recruited by leading customs broker H. Halford Pty Ltd to assist in relating technical issues to the provisions of the Australian tariff structure. During the course of engagement with Halfords Ian gained a customs agents (broker) licence being the first to achieve this milestone in several years. Later Ian lectured at the Customs industry training schools and represented the industry at joint customs/industry training programmes during the introduction of changes to the customs valuation legislation.

I. McR Tinsley & Partners has been instrumental in minimising customs duty payable by the operators of many large scale projects including:

  • Power stations and power distribution Systems;

  • Heavy mining machinery;

  • The Australian Synchrotron;

  • Basslink;

  • Paper manufacturing and converting plants;

  • Fibreboard (MDF) plants ;

  • Textile manufacturing machinery;

  • Ski Lifts;

  • Rail and tramway vehicles.

Importers of other commodities who have benefited from the services provided by Ian’s company include suppliers of:

  • Toys and sporting goods;

  • Chemicals;

  • Specialist steels.

Some past and present major clients include:

  • Major Projects Victoria

  • Siemens Ltd.

  • BASF

  • NEC

  • Mainfreight International

  • Radio Frequency Systems

  • Smorgon Steel