Wayne Schweben (Sydney)

Lead Supply Chain Security Director

Email: wayne.schwebel@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 402 011 204

Wayne Schwebel is very highly regarded in the logistics consulting field.  He developed his wealth of experience over the last 30 years in design, project management and advisory roles.  Wayne joined Hendersons in 1987 and was soon appointed to the position of head consultant and a director of the firm. 

David Posener (Sydney)

Senior Supply Chain Security Advisor

Email: david.posener@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 299 064 081 (Office)

David Posener came to Henderson’s with a very strong background in logistics after conducting major project roles in warehouse optimisation, materials handling, project management and business analysis for numerous companies including Woolworths, Corporate Express and Gazal. 

Vishnu Naidu (Melbourne)

Supply Chain Security Director

Email: vishnu.naidu@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 398 552 101 (Office)

Over the last 20 years Vishnu has worked in functional and consultancy roles with a strong logistics focus.  He initially joined the Henderson consulting team in 1991, then moved to Vector SCM Pty Ltd as Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific and progressed to General Manager Australia.  Following several overseas assignments with Vector, he rejoined Henderson’s in 2005.

Dr John Gattorna (Sydney)

Dr John Gattorna (Sydney)

Executive Chairman Gattorna Alignment

Email:  Email:  john@gattornaalignment.com

John Gattorna is at the forefront of supply chain ‘thought leadership’ in the world today.
He has made it his passion in life to stay at the cutting edge, and the result is there for all to see and share- his last three books, the most recent being Dynamic Supply Chains; how to design, build and manage people-centric value networks, 3rd edn., FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2015. His methodologies offer a way of dealing with the ‘new normal’ operating environment, characterized by volatility, and yet more volatility.

Tom Curtis (Brisbane)

Lead Compliance Director

Email: tom.curtis@trustedtrader.com.au

Mobile: +61 478 888 906

Tom’s career commenced with the Australian Customs Service in Melbourne and he has subsequently and successfully traversed various private sector roles, including over 10 years with Coles Head Office as a Customs & International Trade specialist, having extensive involvement in the original Pilot Program of the Accredited Client Program in 2007-2008.