Export Council of Australia announces TTI Alliance!

It is with great pleasure we recognise our formal Alliance with the Export Council of Australia (ECA).

Our entire team at TTI are looking forward to assisting ECA’s members of Australia’s export sector in gaining a thorough understanding of Australia’s Trusted Trader Program, particularly the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA’s) that are constantly evolving over time in favour of our exporters with our trading partners.

Given the two key underlying principles of the Trusted Trader Program, being Customs Compliance and International Supply Chain Security, TTI is well positioned to advise ECA’s members on the processes involved, particularly with TTI’s proprietary ‘Scorecards’, providing a well structured and consistent approach to accreditation.

TTI is also able to provide dashboard technology for initial analysis of how Trusted Trader ‘Ready’ an exporter is currently and provide valuable feedback on the pathway to accreditation and creating globally secure supply chains for the future.

For further details, please refer to the following ECA links:-

Update on the ECA news platform; https://exportcouncil.kontribune.com/articles/7833

Also, ECA’s website: http://www.export.org.au/skills-development/mentoring-program

We look forward to partnering with the ECA’s membership of companies on this important initiative for the tangible benefit of our exporters.


Russell Wilkinson

CEO – Trusted Trader International

Phone: +61 428 115 153

Email: russell.wilkinson@trustedtrader.com.au