DIBP Industry Summit

For your information, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's (DIBP) Industry Summit took place recently on the 31st of October 2016.

It is pleasing to see DIBP continuing this important element of engagement with industry and stakeholders, very commendable.

This year’s Summit was opened by the Hon Alex Hawke, Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, which brought together over 300 leaders from trade, traveler and migration sectors, peak bodies and government to discuss how DIBP can partner at the border.

The Summit focused on the partnerships that make this possible, the ways DIBP-ABF can strengthen these relationships and the border solutions that DIBP can forge in unison with industry, to create opportunities for mutual benefit and to build our future. 

Below we have quoted the Trade Facilitation outcomes and goals contained in DIBP's subsequent Communique on the event:-

"Trade facilitation

In an environment of rapidly increasing trade volumes and complexity of supply chains, government and industry delegates identified key ways of working with industry to support the rapid and secure movement of goods. A prosperous economy and keeping the Australian community safe are key objectives of both government and industry. This includes:

  • mitigating risks at the border while streamlining clearance of cargo;
  • working together to integrate risk management into industry practices;
  • greater and more effective partnerships to support regional Australia;
  • identifying unique strengths and emerging needs of business and industry in regional communities, which could be used to develop partnership strategies to proactively support regional growth;
  • reducing red tape and recognising the benefits of facilitated trade as a whole-of-government approach; and
  • working with peak industry stakeholders and utilising quality assurance processes to facilitate simplified trade."

We all look forward to the continuing industry engagement by DIBP and the Australian Border Force (ABF).

Russell Wilkinson


Trusted Trader International