HighlightING our strengths of industry compliance experience and collective years in the industry from our Lead Compliance Directors and Advisors

our locations are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin AND AUCKLAND 


Above we have highlighted the global footprint of all current Trusted Trader/AEO programs currently operating around the world. We believe this critical information will enable companies to “connect the dots” in relation to achieving “Secure Global Supply Chains”. Achieving this outcome via Trusted Trader/AEO accreditation in the relevant locations provides “utopia” in a global environment of heightened awareness concerning the importance of securing improved Customs Compliance and Supply Chain Security.

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Russell Wilkinson – CEO is proud to be launching Trusted Trader International

Russell is Australia's foremost leading adviser in Customs and International Trade. He leads an extensive team of experts in advising major corporates around the globe on becoming accredited Trusted Traders.

Simply- we are a strategy, design, & development consultancy that partners with forward-thinking organisations to solve Customs Barrier related export and import issues. We have representative offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Auckland

We provide expert advice and extensive Compliance Reviews on the regional approach to an AEO style program (i.e. Trusted Trader) in concert with the Customs Agencies around the region.

Our bench strength of top level advisors provide unparalleled industry experience. Thereby providing excellence in client service, unsurpassed in the Australian and New Zealand advisory markets.

We believe our advisory firm’s approach of utilising proprietary dashboard technology and our “Three Pillar” strategy incorporating our Scorecard review approach, makes TTI the firm of "first choice" for the Trusted Trader market in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.